Weather forecasts for San Cassiano

Mountain weather and snow reports

The weather today: saturday, 20 October 2018

Sunny Temp. max 21 °CTemp. min 5 °C

High pressure conditions.

Local patches of morning fog, then sunny with mostly clear sky. North wind in the northern valleys.

Highest temperatures from 16° to 22°.

The weather tomorrow: sunnday, 21 Oktober 2018

Cloudy Temp. max 20 °CTemp. min 4 °C

Strong northerly winds.

Mostly sunny weather, some denser clouds moving through in the east during the morning. Windy.

Highest temperatures from 16° to 23°.

The mountain weather today (Dolomites)

Sunny Freezing quote: 3300 m Wind: strong northerly

High pressure conditions.

Good conditions on the mountains with excellent visibility. Partly strong wind on the higher mountains.

The mountain weather tomorrow (Dolomites)

Cloudy Freezing quote: 3000 m Wind: strong northerly

Strong northerly winds.

Sunny weather on the mountains in the west of the region, towards the east some clouds will move through during the morning. Strong northerly winds.

Evolution weather in South Tyrol: Windy



T. max: 14 / 20 °C

T. min: -3 / 6 °C



T. max: 14 / 22 °C

T. min: 0 / 6 °C


Cloudy, moderate rain

T. max: 12 / 21 °C

T. min: 2 / 8 °C


Partly cloudy

T. max: 13 / 22 °C

T. min: 2 / 6 °C


T. max: 13 / 22 °C

T. min: 2 / 6 °C

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